Where to buy methanol industrial alcohol? 99.5% methanol import facility

25.07.2022 12:48
#1 Where to buy methanol industrial alcohol? 99.5% methanol import facility

Where to buy methanol industrial alcohol? 99.5% methanol import facility
Quang Trung Production and Trading Company Limited – The company specializes in importing 99.5% plastic drum methanol chemicals (at 15 oC). Chemical methanol iron drum goods Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea,. Reduce costs with direct source of factory prices from only 16.00 VND/kg.
Quang TrungChem unit sells methanol chemicals in plastic drums in Ho Chi Minh City
Low MOQ, OEM/ODM available Quang Trung Enterprise is committed to giving your company the best purchasing experience and service quality. Professional dedication, above satisfaction.
Methanol chemical company 99.5% plastic drum
methanol for HPLC, GTE 99.9% – methanol, for HPLC, GTE 99.9%. Pure 99.5 methanol for liquid chromatography, in the laboratory.
QuangTrungChem is proud to be one of the leading enterprises specializing in importing and supplying pure methanol, methanol industrial alcohol 99.5 meets most wholesale needs – retail from customers nationwide.
Overview of plastic drum methanol
Physical properties of methanol
It is a pure liquid, easy to vaporize, lighter than water and pharmaceutical alcohol completely soluble in water, odorless. When smelling wrong, there is a feeling of blowing the nose. Methanol is a polar solvent and burns with a blue flame. In outdoor lighting conditions, the flame is almost impossible to see.
– density of methanol: 0.7918 g/cm3
– Molecular Mass: 32.04 g/mol
– Evaporation temperature: 64.7 oC
– Vapor pressure: 13.02 kPa (at 15oC)
Methanol chemical symbol 99.5
methanol chemical formula 99.5 and chemical symbol for methanol plastic drum
application of methanol in plastic drums in industry
Methanol 99.5 is mainly used in the printing industry, textile industry and electronics industry.
industrial alcohol methanol plastic drum is used as a cleaning agent, cleaning industrial machinery, disinfecting preparation equipment. In addition, methanol is also used as an antifreeze additive because of its low freezing temperature.
Iron drum methanol solvent is used to produce a number of organic compounds such as: ethyl, diethyl ether, ethyl ester,…
methanol industrial alcohol in biofuel preparation:
Methanol industrial alcohol is used to mix gasoline, a clean, smokeless gas fuel. The chemical molecule methanol 99.5 is a fuel for the transportation industry, creating methyl tert-butyl ether to mix to increase the ratio. octane number instead of lead tetraethyl – an environmental poison.
Application as input battery for hydrogen supply.
in the lab
is not only a highly beneficial industrial product, but also applied in laboratories and schools. Methanol is a common chemical used in laboratories, especially for running liquid chromatography, upgrading HPLC, running UV-VIS spectroscopy.
methanol 99.5 for wastewater treatment system
molecular methanol used in domestic wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater. At some wastewater treatment plants, a small amount of methanol solvent 99.5 is added to the wastewater to aid in the treatment process, for example providing hydrocarbons for microbial culture.
iron drum methanol provides hydrocarbons for bacteria and denitrification. The chemical iron drum methanol converts nitrate to nitrogen to reduce the sensitive nitrification of the aquifer.
commonly used in the production of formalin, formic aldehyde and acetic acid,..
Owned mainly in the industry of paint, printing, antifreeze, fuel for small stoves, supply of combustion engine fuel.
Methanol is widely used in the preparation and can replace gasoline.
methanol 99.5 where to buy? Where to buy methanol at warehouse prices?
Iron drum methanol chemical is the main oil-based industrial chemical, Used in many paint and printing industries. However, where can methanol chemicals be sold with good reputation, quality, certificate of origin and the best price is always a question of interest to many establishments.
delivery industrial alcohol in Binh Duong
Quang Trung Chemical Company is proud to be one of the leading enterprises specializing in importing and distributing to the market 99.5 methanol chemicals, 99.5% pure 99.5 methanol chemicals. Quang TrungChem facility ensures to meet most of the trading needs from wholesale to retail.
Method of packing methanol in plastic drum
methanol 163kg
Methanol chemicals in plastic drums in Quang Trung have diverse origins: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia with packing specifications (163kg/phid). Many years of operation in the field of pure product business with a diverse delivery system from 600kg – 5T.
methanol industrial alcohol drum 99.5 163kg
Quang TrungChem is committed to providing customers with quality products, professional service, fast delivery after 2H with a very good after-sales policy.
Policy to sell 99.5 methanol industrial alcohol in Ho Chi Minh City
1. Scope of application:
Customers with an address in the inner city of HCMC
2. Time customers order and receive goods:

  • Before 13:00 : Quang Trung Import-Export will deliver within 2 hours.
  • After 13:00: receive goods before 13:00 the next day

3. Other criteria
Customers note delivery policy 2H only applies to orders with value from 5,000,000 VND.
Orders with 2H fast delivery need to pay 100% of the order value in advance.
Free Shipping
QuangTrungChem's growth as it is now is thanks to the right way of doing things, reasonable prices and mainly the policy of free shipping and door-to-door delivery. Quang Trung Import-Export unit is always confident about Quang TrungChem's dedicated and professional service in freight forwarding.
delivery truck team at Quangtrungchem
The car and motorbike delivery team will conduct free delivery within 24 hours for inner city orders and 48 hours for provincial orders. You have the right to check the quality of the product and return the product during the use of the product if the product is not reputable and the quality is as committed.
Quang TrungChem unit is always the most solid, reliable fulcrum and always on time. Quang TrungChem is looking forward to receiving the support of units and businesses accompanying the development of customers.


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